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How to engage with EuroCloud Europe

EuroCloud Europe is a non-profit organisation. This means that all our operations depend on sponsors and supporting members.

Your help is needed to finance operations within EuroCloud, like the yearly congress, defining standards, developing our political activities and much more. By sponsoring EuroCloud, you underline the importance of the development of the European market and doing business here. Even if you are a Non EU company sponsoring may help you find European partners through EuroCloud. Why wait?

Download the EuroCloud Europe Info Flyer: ECE-Flyer

Download the support and sponsorpackage overview: ECE-SP-Overview_2013

Supporting Member:

Active involvement into the strategy of EuroCloud Europe for the uptake fo Cloud Computing in the European Market
ECESU – EuroCloud Supporting Member

Sponsor Packages:

EuroCloud Sponsoring:

ECES1 – EuroCloud Sponsoring: Annual Sponsor packages to create visibility via the EuroCloud Europe communication channels (Web, Newsletter, Announcements

EuroCloud Event Sponsoring

ECES2 – EuroCloud Europe Congress: Event sponsoring for the yearly European EuroCloud Congress in Luxembourg
ECES3 – EuroCloud Europe Award:Event sponsoring for the yearly EuroCloud EuroCloud Award ceremony as special event during the EuroCloud Congress with gala dinner

EuroCloud Special Sponsoring

ECES4- EuroCloud Day:Event sponsoring for the largest non-commercial online distributed  conference with local activities throughout the day or an afternoon.
ECES5 – EuroCloud Print Sponsor: Sponsoring for specific EuroCloud Print Publications
ECES6- EuroCloud Roadshow Event: Sponsoring as an EuroCloud Roadshow Partner for a set of three Half-Day “EuroCloud Brunch”-, “EuroCloud LocalTalk”- or “Eurocloud PoliTalk”-Events


More information

If you would like to have more information or if you would like to sponsor Eurocloud Europe in a special way, not covered by the standard support and sponsor package above, contact us at:
General Director Eurocloud