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EuroCloud Day

EuroCloud day 2012 has ended. Across Europe 14 participating countries with local attendees watched the largest non-commercial online distributed  conference with local activities throughout the day or an afternoon. Though it was a unique experience, we where pleased to learn that audiences in general were impressed by the effort undertaken by EuroCloud to do something unique within its own non-commercial community. Technique did never fail and the quality of the speeches given was appreciated by audiences across Europe.

EuroCloud will be looking back at this experience with the commitment to make the event next year even better, with more participants across Europe, and beyond, and more local EuroClouds who can participate actively in this event.

EuroCloud Europe would like to thank all parties involved in their efforts to make this a unique experience and also thank the local attendees that where part of this experience for their attention and feedback.

If you want to see the content of the broadcasts again, you can view them by clicking on any of the links below (new window opens).

Please allow for one minute sponsor message at the beginning of each video.

- Introduction EuroCloud day by Pierre-José Billotte

- The Cloud Partnership by Neelie Kroes

- The new paradigm shift by Rainer Zinow

- Cloud developments in China by Forrest Lin




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