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Award Program

The EuroCloud local and European Award is still running. Check below the list of runner ups and winners from the 2013 contest so far:

Winners of the local Award:


 Award 2013
Best Startup  Flatout Technologies – FlatCloud
Best Cloud Service  runtastic – runtastic – make sports funtastic
Best Case, Public Sector  Umweltbundesamt- EDM Environment
 Best Case Study Commercial Sector  Radio Blind Power – Radio Blind Power with fabasoft


 Award 2013
Best Startup  CleverCloud
Best Cloud Service  Enovance
Best Case, Public Sector  Ministère de la Justice de Colombie Britannique (Canada) – Bime
Best Case, Private Sector  Nomalys
Best Cloud Efficiency  Oodrive


 Award 2013
Best Startup  CE-CON24 with Clever risk Assessment
Best Cloud Service with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Best Case, Private Sector  Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics with Logistic Mall
Best Cloud Efficiency  Daimler AG with fabasoft foliocloud


Best Startup  HotelRunner
Best Cloud Service  Netlite
Best Case, Private Sector  Maximus Cloud
Best Case, Public Sector  INTELLIGENT CITIES
 Best Cloud Efficiency  Diva Portal


 Award 2013
Best Startup  iPAYMO context aware solutions
Best Cloud Service  Gateway4Cloud
Best Case, Private Sector  TrustedCloudEurope – eCommerce case


Best Case, Public Sector  Stadlander – EuroCom: Accesscontrol CQ-Access through the Cloud
Best Case, Private Sector   Alphaplan – MoreApps: Mobile registrations for building inspections


Best Startup  RenderStreet
Best Cloud Service  GTS Virtual Hosting Environment
Best Case, Public Sector  ADLIC computerized distribution in high schools
Best Case, Private Sector  Ymens Teamnet


 Award 2013
Best Startup  Esponce for the solution Esponce
Best Cloud Service  SmartCom d.o.o for the solution
Best Case, Private Sector  SI.MOBIL d.d. for the solution ” Regional cloud service brokerage ecosystem


Best Startup  Performance Buildings AG
Best Cloud Service  LogistikBroker AG
Best Case, Public Sector the geoportal of the Swiss Confederation
Best Case, Private Sector  AGILITA+SAP Business ByDesign +Case Study bei SAMOT

United Kingdom

 Award 2013
Best Startup
Best Cloud Service  OneLogin
Best Case, Public Sector  Manchester Airport Group with Daisy Group
Best Case, Private Sector  London Borough of Camden with Accellion
Best Cloud Efficiency  Guidepost Solutions


 Award 2013
Best Startup  AuditMark with the service jscrambler
Best Cloud Service  PT Comunicações, SA with the service SmartCloudPT
Best Case, Public Sector  Ubiwhere with the service bikeemotion
Best Case, Private sector  Wavecom with the service Finesource
Best Cloud Efficiency  TIMWE


 Award 2013
Best Startup  Gigas
Best Cloud Service  ECmanaged
Best Case, Public sector  Arsys
Best Case, Private sector  Adverados



The Jury line-up for 2013:


Country Jury Member
A Andreas Plamberger – PwC Austria
CH Prof. Stella Gatziu Grivas – Fachochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW
D Prof. Rainer Georg Hofmann – Hochschule Aschaffenburg
F Eric Lefebvre – KPMG France
LU Jean-Paul Hengen – Luxinnovation GIE National Agency for Innovation and Research
TR Gülseli Zeren Karadere – IBM
NL tbc
PT Vasco Lagarto – Portuguese Cluster for ICT
SLO Prof. Matjaz Juric – University of Ljubljana
UK Dr. Richard Sykes – UK Government Consultant
RO Bogdan Pencea – Journalist
E Rafael Garcia del Poyo – Osborne Clarke

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