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The EuroCloud 2013 program

EuroCloud Europe starts with the Local Award programs. When the local winners are known, they can enter the European finals. EuroCloud will hand out European awards with best start-ups, best products and the best cloud business case. This project will need engagement from the cloud computing industry to nominate candidates and have solutions sent in to choose from.

If your organisation is interested in delivering an Award case, please contact the local chairman of the country you want to participate in.

EuroCloud Europe will organise the second edition of EuroCloud day. In this UNIQUE one day event, EuroCloud will organise in collaboration with the local EuroClouds on line conferences with only topics on cloud computing. The largest leaders in the cloud computing industry will give on line presentations sharing their vision and ideas on cloud computing throughout Europe. We expect that over 2000 attendees will follow this event all across Europe.

Finally, the yearly congress. This congress will last two day where large industry and politics will be adressed on the topics of cloud computing and combining this with the European commissions digital agenda. The new date for Congress 2013 is set to: October 15 & 16

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